Hull Numbers Cont

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Keith 66
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Hull Numbers Cont

Post by Keith 66 » Wed May 05, 2021 9:40 pm

Talking to a fellow club member who owns a Sabre at the weekend, as to location of hull numbers. My boat had nothing save a penciled 91 on the headlining panels of all places.
Other boats have them in port side cockpit lockers just under the rubbing strake near the stern or on the transom.
One boat even had the number on the hull under its skeg moulding.
After a search the member found his hull number in the Starboard cockpit locker.
Heres where it gets interesting, he has a contact in Lloyds & it turns out that any Sabre or any other class of yacht for that matter that was built with a Lloyds hull moulding certificate, these records still exist.
All records going back aeons covering these are all archived on microfilm & can be accessed. This may appear to give proof of a yachts age & date of build.
However it is not so straightforward. Due to Data protection permission to access the records must be obtained from the original owner or by proving legal ownership presumably by Part 1 registry. Long records of mooring invoices may be acceptable.
Unfortunately accessing the archive comes at a cost of 400 euros! So unlikely to be of any use for any but the most dedicated owners!

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