The Marcon Filing Cabinet

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The Marcon Filing Cabinet

Post by Sabre27Admin » Wed May 10, 2017 8:16 pm

Iain C
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Posted - 07/10/2011 : 22:51:16
Some of you guys are going to love this!

I've just come back from the pub, I've just had dinner with a good mate of mine who is also Midlands based and has just taken a job in Southampton. He was talking to one of his colleagues about my boat, and this chap mentioned that a few years ago he bought a filing cabinet at some kind of sale. Turns out that the filing cabinet once belonged to Marcon, and was full of all kinds of documentation, bills of materials, engineering drawings etc.

And yes, he still has all of it...

I am trying to get all of the documents back and into the care of the association...hopefully there will be some interesting stuff there!

Watch this space...
Peter OD
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Posted - 08/10/2011 : 10:14:32
Gold - absolute gold - Paul will be drooling over the contents!!

Sanda Isle

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Posted - 08/10/2011 : 13:31:46
I am trying not to drool, but having only partial success not to count chickens!

Paul Howard. S27OA Technical Officer.

Mike T
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Posted - 10/10/2011 : 23:51:45
Would be amazing to see all of this and maybe find out some more about the history of all of our boats!

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Posted - 29/04/2012 : 16:29:37
So what happened?

Iain C
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Posted - 01/05/2012 : 10:32:55
Still chasing. I've asked my friend if I can put someone from the CA directly in touch with the owner of the filing cabinet and I will report back!

Iain C
United Kingdom
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Posted - 28/05/2012 : 21:55:53
Update...I have spoken first hand to the owner of the contents. There might not be as much as I first thought, but he's pretty much sure there's an original brochure and a load of other stuff. Much of it may be related to other Marcon boats though.

It's in his loft and I have permission to give him a prod if hes not been up there in a months time, so it's all still looking ok!

United Kingdom
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Posted - 24/06/2012 : 22:36:42
A month has passed!

Iain C
United Kingdom
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Posted - 25/06/2012 : 21:02:13
Well, the owner came back to me, he found some 8mm film of the prototype Sabre beng sailed, some basic drawings, instructions as to how to build the kit form Sabre, and an cost inventory for every fitting on he boat as they left the factory. I put Paul H in touch and he was going to pick the stuff up on the way back from the Folly Rally but I don't know if that happened due to the awful weather.

Any news Paul?

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Posted - 21/07/2012 : 00:57:16 nickbd's nickbd's
I have finally managed to transfer the 8mm film - and uploaded it to YouTube... see post entitled 'Super 8 film of prototype Sabre 27'.

Nick B-D

1974 Fin Keel, Yanmar YSE 12

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Posted - 30/08/2016 : 13:50:45
First, apologies for being an interloper here as I don't actually own a Sabre but I do have her wee sister (the Striker)

Anyway, I was wondering if there was any details about the Striker found in the filing cabinet? I've been trying to compile as much info as I can about the Striker (alas, she's not popular enough to have an owners association) and it would be great to see anything that was found.

As a wee aside, the paperwork that came with Sheer Lunacy has a price list for all the Marcon yachts (I can scan this in if anybody wants to see the effects of inflation!) but they were supplied by Seaborne Engineering - was this a later incarnation of Marcon Yachts?


Marcon Striker 22

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