Sabre 27 Moulds

It's always handy to know where to turn when you need some help with the rigging - or the 30 year old Yanmar that needs a reconditioned alternator. If you've had a good experience with a supplier or craftsman, let us know who they are by posting their details here. Please start your post title with the general topic in capitals at the beginning. For example:

ENGINE - Yanmar spare parts
RIGGING - Sail laundry & repair
ENGINE - South coast mobile mechanic
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Sabre 27 Moulds

Post by Sabre27Admin » Tue May 09, 2017 7:05 pm

United Kingdom
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Posted - 24/11/2008 : 11:04:00
Does anyone have any information about the new owners of the Sabre 27 moulds? I understand they have gone to Holland...

Nick B-D

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Posted - 19/06/2011 : 12:29:25
I went to the South Essex boat jumble this morning & bought some gear of a bloke who was clearing a boatyard.
Turned out it was the Son of the Brue yachts owner. The yard is / has been sold for development.
Also turns out that some of the moulds didnt go to Holland.
They have the Hull mould for the Sabre 27 Fin Keel version plus an assortment of hatch moulds, Fore , Cockpit, Main plus garage? All up for grabs or will be skipped i expect.
Dont think there is a deck mould or interior mould those were common with the bilge keeler & went with the Bilge keel hull mould to Holland.
Trouble is i cannot see for the life of me the Fin keeler being a viable commercial proposition (nor the bilge keeler for that matter).
I have given his number to Paul or ring me if anyone wants it.

New Zealand
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Posted - 01/06/2012 : 18:57:49
I would like to mould new hatches if the moulds are available.
Incidently I happen to have acopy of the Brue Yachts brochure somewhere from the late 80's/early 90's ( can't remember exact era!) But they did advertise bare mouldings for home completion as well as finished boats, don't know how many boats they actually built.

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