It's always handy to know where to turn when you need some help with the rigging - or the 30 year old Yanmar that needs a reconditioned alternator. If you've had a good experience with a supplier or craftsman, let us know who they are by posting their details here. Please start your post title with the general topic in capitals at the beginning. For example:

ENGINE - Yanmar spare parts
RIGGING - Sail laundry & repair
ENGINE - South coast mobile mechanic
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Posted - 07/03/2010 : 16:50:30
We are looking for some new stantion bases. Stainless steel.
The triangular type that fit to the deck supporting the stantion that
the guard wire runs through. Ours are bent. The distance between hole centeres is 7 cms. We are looking for 6.
United Kingdom
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Posted - 07/03/2010 : 17:44:31
There are some that won't break the bank here: ... Base-.html

But I doubt they are the right size. The fixing hole centres are not given as far as I can see but the base size is 95mmx95mmx75mm. Be aware also that these are said to be for 25mm stanchions and 1 inch stanchions may not fit.

My Plastimo catalogue has some with bases 78x78x53. They also come in straight and raked (84degrees).

This looks like identical picture to Plastimo catalogue here but these are said to be 90mm sides and to be cast aluminium (the ones in the picture are ss fabrication I believe): ... 1715.bhtml

This says the holes are 70mm centres. Doesn't say if they are upright or raked or what size stanchions. Good luck.
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