It's always handy to know where to turn when you need some help with the rigging - or the 30 year old Yanmar that needs a reconditioned alternator. If you've had a good experience with a supplier or craftsman, let us know who they are by posting their details here. Please start your post title with the general topic in capitals at the beginning. For example:

ENGINE - Yanmar spare parts
RIGGING - Sail laundry & repair
ENGINE - South coast mobile mechanic
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Mike T
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Posted - 17/02/2009 : 19:34:21
does anyone know a good sail maker in the hampshire area for a new sabre 27 genoa, spinaker or cruising chute? so far i have found kemps to be cheapest for a genoa at £562 does this sound about right?

p.s. i also have a good condition sabre hank on genoa if anyone is interested in making me an offer?

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Well all I can tell you is that the price you have is cheaper than the last owners of Shamal paid in 2006, also from Kemp

So on that basis it sounds pretty good!

Neil & Alison
'Shamal' - River Deben

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Posted - 13/12/2010 : 15:55:57
New mainsail from Kemp's 3 reefs, sail number etc. £671 very pleased with that price as other quotes were nearer £1000.


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Posted - 13/12/2010 : 23:35:04
I have had several sails made by Kemp and been pleased with the quality and the service.

But you need to be sure you are comparing like with like when comparing different makers' prices. Some sailmakers offer different grades of sail using cheaper or more expensive materials and finishes to suit your needs. Other makers seem to specialise in making sails for the upper end of the market only.

So it might help to think about the sort of sailing you plan to do and specify this when asking for a quote.
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