Painting the decks of a sabre

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Painting the decks of a sabre

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Posted - 08/03/2017 : 11:29:57
Hi there has anyone done this. Hyjanorra is looking rather tired and I think its time we spent some money on her looks and not just more equipment and practical things.

Id be keen to hear about the process and products used if anyone has undergone this process...

Unlike last time when working on hyjanorra in the north of france I'm not worried about curing conditions as I'm goinng be doing it in the south!!!

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Posted - 11/03/2017 : 12:49:12 nickbd's nickbd's
Post some pics when you have a chance - I'd love to see what you've done with her!



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Posted - 26/03/2017 : 20:45:55
I did this on Sabreuse, her previous owner liked using an abrasive deck cleaner like ajax with extra grit! This had rubbed the gel away so badly that the glass mat was grinning through in places. I sanded down with 240 grit on the random orbital sander & used red scotchbrite pads as well. Epifanes epoxy primer was used on the worst areas & Epifanes 2 pack polyurethane all over I rollered & brushed it. In the tracked areas i used international deck paint. On our boat the windows & most of the fitting were out so it was relatively easy, otherwise there will be a lot of masking up!
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