Replacement cockpit engine hatch

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Julian Critchley
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Replacement cockpit engine hatch

Post by Julian Critchley »

My first post as the proud new owner of a Sabre 27 (actually, my first ever boat, so basically clueless).

I need to replace the engine inspection hatch in the floor of the cockpit. Currently it's neither safe nor watertight. Would anyone have any idea where I might be able to go to get a replacement either second hand or newly made?

Grateful for any and all advice.
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Re: Replacement cockpit engine hatch

Post by samphire2014 »

I am puzzled by your claim it is unsafe. Have you had it off yet, or does it feel flimsy underfoot?

Mine was removed several years ago. I discovered the timber stiffeners were rotten and waterlogged, this allowed the hatch to 'flex' as it now had no support. I cut these out and replaced with new timber, not a difficult task if you are 'handy'. I also found the edge of the mounting in the cockpit floor was deteriorating, so I stiffened this with fresh timber, before seating the repaired cover into a fresh bed of silicone. Might be worth a second look? PS, make sure you get all the screws out, before going armed with a long handled screwdriver (or jemmie) as levering up the old hatch to break a failing silicone seal can be a job which requires patience and a touch of brute force!
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Re: Replacement cockpit engine hatch

Post by jezza »

Rather than using a sealant, I bought some sponge sealing strip from Seals Direct and used around the engine hatch (which doesn't actually give access to much apart from the stern gland).

Jerry Jones
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Jerry Jones
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