British Seagull (5 HP) and Transom Engine Mount

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British Seagull (5 HP) and Transom Engine Mount

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Saudi Arabia
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Posted - 26/09/2008 : 08:42:18
I have a British Seagull Silver Century Plus Long Shaft engine that I have just rebuilt. Does anyone know if this engine is large enough to power a Sabre 27? I sail in a small protected bay that has extremely variable winds (that frequently die) and will use the engine only to return to the mooring which would be a maximum of 5 NM away.

Secondly, I have a ladder mounted in the centre of the transom which I want to keep. Does anyone have any experience with installing an engine mount on either side of the transom?

s/v Suhail
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom
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Posted - 30/09/2008 : 20:47:26

I've seen a 10 tonne smack propelled with one of these engines, so i've no doubt it'l move you along at 2 or 3 knots in a calm with a smooth sea, but don't expect much performance against any wind or sea.

No idea about the mounting, from the little I've read 'London Apprentice' is the only Sabre with an outboard, and that's centraly mounted, obviously any off centre mounting would be a disadvantage as soon as she heels.

Good luck

ken endean
United Kingdom
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Posted - 11/10/2008 : 09:57:56
Rory, I used to have a Hurley 22 powered by a Century plus. It displaced 2 tons, against the Sabre's 3, but we once motored across the English Channel. One caution: if you expect to be motoring on fairly flat water, don't be tempted to immerse the prop too deeply or back-pressure on the exhaust will reduce the power output.
Good luck. Ken
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