replace fuel tank

It's always handy to know where to turn when you need some help with the rigging - or the 30 year old Yanmar that needs a reconditioned alternator. If you've had a good experience with a supplier or craftsman, let us know who they are by posting their details here. Please start your post title with the general topic in capitals at the beginning. For example:

ENGINE - Yanmar spare parts
RIGGING - Sail laundry & repair
ENGINE - South coast mobile mechanic
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replace fuel tank

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can anyone recommend a supplier for a replacement fuel tank please?
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Re: replace fuel tank

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I had mine steam cleaned, a sump and drain fitted and L-shaped strips added to the lower corners by a stainless welder in Plymouth. Can't remember who now, but it was a decent job and saved a slightly moth-eaten tank, adding the ability to sample fuel from the lowest point via a valve in the engine bay.

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