Keel Issue

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Keel Issue

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Any advice greatly appreciated on the keel. It has been cleaned off and re-antifouled but on re-inspection after a month in the water rust is prevalent through the antifoul.

Picture titled "Keel January 2023", the first time it had been out of the water for a while, I suspect years.

Picture titled "Keel February 2023" was after a scrape off of multiple layers of antifoul and application of the same.

Picture titled "Keel April 2023" is now after discovering the leaks in the stern chute & Rudder Post and taking it back out of the water.

The bilge has obviously been in standing water for some time. The keel also had some minor left to right flex when pushed hard whilst in the lifting harness.

I bought this sold as seen, taking a risk, which appears not to be paying off. My objective is to get it sea worthy and move to a swing mooring in Poole where I can progressively improve and modernise, but right now thinking the worst and I may be throwing away good money after badImage
Keel April 2023.jpg
Keel April 2023.jpg (477.26 KiB) Viewed 19311 times
Keel February 2023.jpg
Keel February 2023.jpg (101.15 KiB) Viewed 19311 times
Keel January 2023.jpg
Keel January 2023.jpg (377 KiB) Viewed 19311 times
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