Rubbing strake repair needed

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Rubbing strake repair needed

Post by paul.paul »

The rubbing strake on my 'new' Sabre has a fillet of (what looks like) wood on the underside, between the hull and the RS proper. It's falling out in a couple of areas. I'm probably going to PVA it as an interim measure but is there a better solution?
Keith 66
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Re: Rubbing strake repair needed

Post by Keith 66 »

If its an early Sabre the Gap under the lip of the deck moulding was filled with a wooden filler strip at the bow, On later boats the hull mould was altered so the filler strip wasnt required. On our boat i had to replace the rubbing bands & raked out the filler from under the lip & filled it with epoxy to give a decent fit for the new rubbing bands
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