Mast down through the French waterways?

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Mast down through the French waterways?

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Posted - 09/07/2016 : 07:51:12
Hi has anyone done this? We plan to carry out mast on hyjanorra and I am planning on building an Aframe fore & Aft with a little prop where the tabanacle is for central support.

Has anyone done this. I had grand plans and I feel like I may have over engineered the design. I have seen some of the things people are building and they seem to work.

Does anyone have a picture of they have done it? I think I'm going to cut back the design.

I am now thinking an Aframe aft (the base will be on the glass/gel coat aft of the cockpit hatches) this will be roped back to the pit pulling some wooden bracing that will lean on the top rail of the pit also. I think this should be adequate. Forward I plan to have much the same but the other way around. Then as I say a prop bolted into the tabanacle! To stop sagging. Sound good or can anyone see any problems with this!
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Posted - 15/07/2016 : 21:16:58
Hi Mike, I replied to this a few days ago but my response has disappeared into the ether. I have an A frame which you are very welcome to have. It came with SMUGGLER but I have never used it. For a small donation to it's yours. I can deliver to Lymington next time I am down, or you can collect from Salisbury. Let me know.

Best wishes

Rory Steevenson
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Posted - 19/08/2016 : 10:09:40 Castoffs's Homepage Edit Reply Reply with Quote View user's IP address Delete Reply
Hi. Yes we've done that trip. You'll need exactly what you suggested, an A frame front and rear and a central support. Offset the aft A frame for ease of steering. Take some heavy boards to protect the hull both sides in the locks and on river moorings.

We have lots of photos if required. Let me know if you'd like any photos or advice.
Happy to help
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