Mast - Internal Cables

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Mast - Internal Cables

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Posted - 04/09/2016 : 19:21:45
Looks Like I still have an original mast and associated electrical wiring. Anybody know, is there a conduit in there? how easy to rethread a replace steaming light cable?

Any one any experience of doing this?
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Posted - 05/09/2016 : 09:44:33

My mast is a Kemp which has a conduit down the front.
If you have similar, attach a mousing line to the old cable and GENTLY pull through. It helps to take off the mast foot, as you can get a straight pull. If the old cable is broken or has been removed you will need some kind of mousing rods, or try dropping a line down the mast with a small heavy weight. The conduit on my mast is only about one inch in diameter, so with a masthead light, VHF aerial, steaming and spreader lights, there isn't a great deal of slack.

When I did my mast I replaced all the cabling together, which made pulling cables through, much easier.


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