Genoa Winch Cap Screws and Pawl Springs

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Genoa Winch Cap Screws and Pawl Springs

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Posted - 26/09/2008 : 08:53:05
I have the original Lewmar Genoa Winches on my 1972 Sabre 27 and have lost one of the small cap screws. I have determined that these are BSF 1/4 inch thread screws but can not find them anywhere. Does anyone know where repalcement screws can be purchased?

Additionally, the pawl springs have broken several time and I have bent the ends to reconnect them. This temporary fix has worked for some time but I really need to replace these springs. Does anyone know where replacement springs can be purchased?

s/v Suhail
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
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Posted - 03/10/2008 : 22:36:12
Hi Rory,

Most spares on these old winches are still available but we need to know exactly which winch you have! The model number is required or failng that, take a good Digi-pic and mail it to me. A screw will be around somewhere, probably in my machine screws box!

Start with the unambiguous identification.

Paul Howard, Tech Off.

PS. Visit Lewmar's website and look at the Spares Kits. You can see the type of pawl and springs in the pics.
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