South Coast Rally, Sept 2009

Marchwood Yacht Club, Southampton Water
September 26, 2009 - September 26, 2009

Organiser: Tony Mynett
Organiser's Yacht: Bristol Sabre

After a quiet sail against a neepy tide across Poole Bay to Hurst I was able to pick up the current for the run down the Solent to Cowes. I met a friend for a pleasant evening of eating and a drink or two.

The following morning was almost windless. I motored up Southampton Water, only disturbed by the wash of passing ferries and the inevitable power craft.

I always look forward to the Marchwod Rally although this year I had the responsibility of organising it for the first time.


By the time I arrived several Sabres were already there, including Corsair, London Apprentice, Shadowfax and also Mooncross which is a Sabre but not a member of the Association. It belongs to Colin and Stella Arch who were acting as mooring officer for Marchwood Y.C. and very helpful they were too.

Marchwood Yacht Club

Altogether 15 Sabres were present at the rally. The remainder of the boats were Asympote (Richard Beaty and friend ), Kilncraft (Geoff & Sylvia Harwood), Taganita (Frances Brook), Insha Allah ( Mike Turpin), Tressa (Derek Smith), Spirit of Venus (Roy Tall), Varona (Ben Hopkins), Luronne (Philip and Pauline Birger), Fliss ( Alan and Maria Wadsworth), also members Richard and Karen Jones, Richard and Dawn Wise, and also Chris Calthrop and Amanda,who were looking for a Sabre to buy.

Approaching pontoon

Karen and Richard arrived with friends in a ‘huge’ Starlight 36.

The afternoon was spent in the usual way with social rounds and everyone nosing around everyone else’s boats. Chat, tea, more Sabre chat and more tea.

Chris Calthrop and Amanda looked at every boat and quizzed members (including myself) about the virtues and possible problems when looking to buy a Sabre. They must be experts in the field now!

The caterers were chasing me for an exact number of meals and menus. This was impossible since I had no idea how many boats would arrive. I also needed to finalise the evening quiz. Mary Endean had suggested a good idea which entailed wrapping lots of obscure objects in black plastic.

The evening meal was very good, as usual, and everyone enjoyed a convivial evening. In the end there was only just time to run the quiz, which seemed to amuse (or bemuse?).

Rally dinner

Everyone was still chatting away when we made our way back to the boats for a final coffee (?) and bunks.

In the morning Sabres left one by one to sail back to their respective ports. For my part I crossed paths with Spirit of Venus at Hurst and had the company of Corsair across Poole Bay.

Another rally over. A great success with more boats than ever before.

Apologies were received from:

  • David Gore and family, who were at a wedding.
  • Bernard Clayton, away on holiday.
  • Paul Driver, working in Kenya.
  • Nick Beresford-Davies (Hyjanorra) had a prior engagement.
  • Nigel Chalen