Sabre 27 Owners' Association Membership Application Form

The fee for the first year of membership is £40 comprised of a £27 joining fee + £13 annual subscription, payable by cheque. Subsequent annual subscription fees of £13.00 are payable on 2nd January by Standing Order. For those joining between 1st October and 31st December, this will be deferred until the January of the following year.
Please complete both this form and the Standing Order Mandate online
before printing to ensure accuracy of the information provided.

Post Code
E-mail Address:
Home phone
Mobile phone
Boat Name:
Previous names:
Home Port:
Cruising Area:
Year of manufacture: Date of Acquisition:
Keel Type
(Fin or Twin)
Sabre Number 1-400:
Original Engine:
Replacement Engine(s):
Additional Information: If there is any additional information you would like to tell us about,
please write on a separate page or on the back of this form. Thank you.
PAYMENT (see footnote below)
Please print out this completed form and the completed Standing Order Mandate for subsequent years Annual Subscription fee. Send them together with your cheque for £40 pounds payable to the Sabre 27 Owners' Association, to the address on the Standing Order Mandate form. Any queries please contact Roger Guthrie on 07776 413267.
I hereby apply for membership of the Sabre 27 Owners' Association
Signed: ...................................................................................... Date:
Footnote: If you have inherited an 'up to date' Handbook (Contents page year 2012) with your Sabre, the joining fee may be reduced to £5, leaving a total payment of £18. If you have a question regarding the handbook status, or do not have a Stirling Bank Account and cannot complete the Standing Order Mandate, please e-mail us on: giving a contact phone number if possible.

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