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Sabre 27 Owners’ Gallery

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New Sabre 27 Owners

As you will see below, many of the boats are listed as ‘under new ownership’. This is because we were informed by previous owners that the boats were sold, but we are awaiting information about the new owners’ names. If you’d like to claim one of the yachts below, please let us know!

Owners’ Gallery

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130 boats currently listed

Boat: Abijak
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Boat: Ajaia
Owner: Mr Alfred Newman
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Boat: Albatross
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Boat: Anyway
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Boat: Apogee
Owner: Ian French
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Boat: Azul
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Boat: Backdraft
Owner: Kyle Bolton
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Black Fox

Boat: Black Fox
Owner: Andrew Ham
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Boat: Blue Lady
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Blue Mist

Boat: Blue Mist
Owner: Dominic Bishop
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Sabre 27 Blue Oyster - On Hard Standing

Boat: Blue Oyster
Owner: Roger Guthrie
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Sabre 27, Bristol Sabre

Boat: Bristol Sabre
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Back afloat after refit

Boat: Calypso
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Sabre 27 Carlotta

Boat: Carlotta
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Boat: Chantal
Owner: Richard Sinclair
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New sprayhood and stackpack

Boat: Chiquita
Owner: Andrew Furness
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Boat: Chitra
Owner: Vicente Tomas
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Cinq Mille under weigh

Boat: Cinq Mille
Owner: Robert Sutcliffe
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The Claire Lee

Boat: Claire Lee
Owner: Lee
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Boat: Corsair
Owner: Charles Steevenson
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Boat: Cossack
Owner: Ed Elgar
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Boat: Crestanova
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Cupar O'Fife

Boat: Cupar O’Fife
Owner: Charles Pratt
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Boat: Cylesta
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De Drangdüwel

Boat: De Drangdüwel
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Boat: Dokeso
Owner: Aaron Butler
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Enigma on mooring

Boat: Enigma
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Erini on Pontoon

Boat: Erini
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Boat: Falchion
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Boat: Fliss
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Flying Mogrys on pontoon

Boat: Flying Mogrys
Owner: Thorsten Ehrlich
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Galloper 2

Boat: Galloper 2
Owner: Mark Toogood
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Sabre 27, Gayaneh

Boat: Gayaneh
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Gentle Nimbus

Boat: Gentle Nimbus
Owner: David Smith
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Sabre 27 Gilliwatte Hard Standing

Boat: Gilliwatte
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Boat: Grebe
Owner: David Gore
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Sabre 27 Grey Goose Saloon

Boat: Grey Goose
Owner: Richard Pike
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Sabre 27, Grey Lady - On her mooring, Mochras, Harlech

Boat: Grey Lady
Owner: Lizzie Wynn and Charissa Buhler
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Boat: Harmony
Owner: Steve Oates
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Boat: Huzzah
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Boat: Hyjanorra
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Boat: InshaAallah
Owner: Richard Pike
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Janmaris - Sabre 27 Yacht

Boat: Janmaris
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Khushi of Wellow

Boat: Khushi of Wellow
Owner: Rob Bowsher
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Boat: Kilncraft
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La Crevette

Boat: La Crevette
Owner: David Berry
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La Langouste

Boat: La Langouste
Owner: Edwin Adrienne
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Sabre 27 fin keel, La Palourde

Boat: La Palourde
Owner: John Gates
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Lady Christine

Boat: Lady Christine
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Le Poulpe

Boat: Le Poulpe
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Boat: Light Sabre
Owner: Peter Hughes
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Boat: Likedeeler
Owner: G & J Croset, Switzerland
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Boat: Lisa
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Boat: Maggie May
Owner: Rob Cullen
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Boat: Maplin Spray
Owner: Laurence and Val Rought
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Matlo transom

Boat: Matlo
Owner: Steve & Mandy Sieling
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New cruising chute

Boat: Meg Merrily
Owner: Ian Burtonshaw
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Boat: Minerva
Owner: Matthew Phillips
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Mosheran under sail

Boat: Mosheran
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Mr Tickle

Boat: Mr Tickle
Owner: Patrick Casey
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Sabre 27 Under Sail - Moons Cross

Boat: Mudder (ex Moons Cross)
Owner: Mark Weaver
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Boat: Myrine
Owner: Stephen Pavis
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Sweet Lil

Boat: Nymph (formerly Sweet Lil)
Owner: Luke Martin
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Ocean Ariette

Boat: Ocean Ariette
Owner: Mark Prichard
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Boat: Pallini
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Parvus Quinque

Boat: Parvus Quinque
Owner: Jerry Organ
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Boat: Pastime
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The Deben in 2019

Boat: Pelagos
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Pendragon transom

Boat: Pendragon
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Boat: Pepper
Owner: Trevor Clark
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Phingal of Hamble

Boat: Phingal of Hamble
Owner: Alan Mee
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Boat: Pirouette
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Quartet moored up in Seaton

Boat: Quartet
Owner: Graham Alway
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Boat: Quintella
Owner: Melvyn Batchelor
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Boat: Rashoon
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Boat: Ricyor
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Boat: Sabel
Owner: Richard & Julia Mutton
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Boat: Sable
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Stern, Sabre 27 Sabravon

Boat: Sabravon
Owner: Brian Johnson
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Sabre 27

Boat: Sabre
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Sabre Dancer

Boat: Sabre Dancer
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Sabre Wing

Boat: Sabre Wing
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Sabredance of Oare, on pontoon

Boat: Sabredance of Oare
Owner: Mike & Daniel Clark
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Boat: Sabredancer
Owner: Mike Chapman
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Sabreon crossing Lyme Bay

Boat: Sabreon
Owner: Paul & Stephanie Holborn
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Sabre Run

Boat: Sabreuse ex Sabre Run
Owner: Keith Webster
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Boat: Sabrina
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Samphire on pontoon

Boat: Samphire
Owner: Chris Whittington
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Sanda Isle

Boat: Sanda Isle
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Sabre 27 Sandusky

Boat: Sandusky
Owner: Stephen West
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Sapphire, Sabre 27 transom

Boat: Sapphire
Owner: James and Leslie Smith
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Sabre 27 Yacht Sarabande - On Pontoon

Boat: Sarabande
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Sabre 27 Scabbard - Cockpit looking forward

Boat: Scabbard
Owner: Rowland Forrester
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Scarab - Sabre 27 on pontoon

Boat: Scarab
Owner: Peter & Janet Curzons
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Sea Spear

Boat: Sea Spear
Owner: Jerry Jones
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Boat: Seanna
Owner: Lee Moore
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Boat: Shadowfax
Owner: Michael Cadman
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Boat: Shamal
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Sabre 27 for sale, Shareem

Boat: Shareem
Owner: John Boyle
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Shikari, Sabre 27

Boat: Shikari
Owner: Andy Mitchell
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Boat: Shuna
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Skean Dhu, Sabre 27 on pontoon

Boat: Skean Dhu
Owner: Alexander Roth
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Boat: Smilla
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Smuggler (formerly Totts of Avon)

Boat: Smuggler
Owner: Rory Steevenson
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Sabre 27 Solas - Hard Standing

Boat: Solas
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Boat: Solemia
Owner: Edo Passarella
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Soloist of Leigh

Boat: Soloist of Leigh
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Boat: Songlines
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Boat: Spirit
Owner: Chris Calthrop
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On pontoon

Boat: Stroma of Gare
Owner: Greg & Shonah Shaw
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Sabre 27, Summer Girl Under Sail

Boat: Summer Girl
Owner: John Rohde
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Islandia II

Boat: Summertime (formerly Islandia II)
Owner: Neville Walls
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Sundancer of Ashton

Boat: Sundancer of Ashton
Owner: Richard and Judith Bull
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Sabre 27, Sunfly, on the mooring

Boat: Sunfly
Owner: Tommy Telfer
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Boat: Svelte
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Taganita - Sabre 27

Boat: Taganita
Owner: Ian Brook
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Sabre 27 Yacht - Tamoul

Boat: Tamoul
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Boat: Tiki
Owner: Dave Pike
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Boat: Tillew
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Boat: Tolwar
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Boat: Trefoil
Owner: Cliff & Debbie Sykes
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Trireme, anti-fouled

Boat: Trireme
Owner: Andrew Bulmer
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True Grit alongside the pontoon

Boat: True Grit
Owner: Nicola Wood
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Vingt Sept, Sabre 27

Boat: Vingt-Sept
Owner: RNLI
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Boat: Vly
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Boat: Waimanu
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Sabre 27 Wildcat on mooring

Boat: Wildcat
Owner: David & Kathy Gostick
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Wings of Dawn

Boat: Wings of Dawn
Owner: Linda and John Taylor
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Boat: Woody
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Boat: Yamas
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